Monday, February 19, 2018

The Annual Village Walk Parade

Saturday February 17, 2018

Every year the community I live in, Village Walk, has a parade.  It's the resident's that participate and some additions from the community.

This year the theme was The Doo Dah Parade.  Doo Dah means ....Anything Goes!

Below are photos from the event.

What would a parade be without a fire truck.  This is the new fire truck from the station recently opened outside the community

 The is the CERT group that keeps our community safe during hurricanes and other threatening events

 The Bonita Springs JR ROTC.  This was their time marching in a parade!

 The first group of residents ( without a float) who called themselves the Dilly Dilly's

The following photos are classic cars owned by residents in the community

Next is Ms. Village Walk

Next up was the golf cart portion of the parade

The only float in the parade was from the residents of Islet Trail.  The theme was The Wizard of Oz

 The Yellow Brick Road

The Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch

 Dorothy and Toto on the Float

The Tin Man

The Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion were also on the float

Below are some of the other characters in the Wizard of Oz who I do not remember

And finally....the Segways

The end of the parade

It was a great parade.  Thanks to all for putting a smile on my face!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Antique Cars in North Naples

Monday February 5, 2018

Last Thursday at the normal meeting spot of Naples Cyclery, we saw a whole bunch of antique cars.   It was not a show but could have been.  The group driving these cars were on a road trip....not sure where to....but I hope they arrived safely. 

Can you identify any of these? Year and model?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Snow in Florida??

Monday November 21, 2017

So who says there is no snow in Florida??  It may be fake snow but it is considered snow just the same.

Third Ave South in Naples has a tree lighting every year on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  I have missed this event several years now and made it a point to go this year.

Boy was I surprised at what a big deal this event is for Naples.  I was told by the barista at Bad Ass Coffee to get there early because parking is at a premium.  My PFW FL riding buddy, Deb, went with me to enjoy the festivities.  We arrived at 4 PM and found a good parking spot right near 3rd St and Broad.  There were street vendors selling cookies and other types of food along 3rd St even at this early hour.  The streets were pretty quiet and so were the happy hour places recommended to me also by the barista, Jen, at Bad Ass Coffee.  We checked out the Ridgeway first, though, where the tree was being lit so that we knew exactly where we had to be at 6:20 PM for the tree lighting and snowfall.  How about that....predictable snow fall!

My friend Deb posing by the first Christmas tree.  This is not the one that was lit later in the evening.

A Christmas tree made from Bromelades ( remember those plants from the botanical gardens? )

Little girl handing out treats along the parade route

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus on the firetruck in the parade

 Street musician

A view of 3rd Ave South during the festivities
We looked at The Bevy for happy hour, which was too sterile for the both of us, and the people didn't look friendly at all.  We went back to The Sea Salt ( we had checked this place out when we went to find the tree) which was very lively by that time we came back at 4:30 PM.  We were not able to get a seat for a while but it was worth the wait.  The bar bites menu was all seafood and a great selection of choices.

We finished our drinks and food and quickly headed to the tree lighting area in front of the The Ridgeway to get as close up as possible.

So here comes the snow.

There were snow making machines on the tops of lamp posts.  The
snow didn't feel wet so I am not sure what they used to make the snow

As we continued to make our way back to the car we spotted some young musicians playing the harp.  They were fantastic and so young!

 Old Naples Building

We made one last stop at the live nativity that was at the beginning of the street.

We had a great time and were very happy that we made the effort to go to this awesome event.  Naples was truly alive on Third Ave South!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Naples Botanical Gardens

Saturday November 11th

 Liz, who is a member of the SoWe Flo cycling group, invited me and a friend, Mindy, to tour the Naples Botanical Gardens.   It was member appreciation weekend so Liz had a few free passes to visit so we accepted the gracious offer.

There was a special exhibition provided by the National Sculpture Society called " A Blessing of Animals" Exhibition.  These metal animal sculptures were scattered throughout the park so it was fun to try and find them while exploring the gardens. 

The gardens are tucked away on Bayshore Drive which is near downtown Naples.  It's one of the best kept secrets of Naples.  Here is a link to explain more about the gardens.

This park is funded totally by private donations.  It is amazing that such a large venue can be privately supported.  It took a big hit when the hurricane came through Naples but since I didn't have a reference point of before versus after the hurricane I couldn't believe the beauty (and serenity) of these gardens even after the storm severely damaged the gardens.

Although I don't know much about plants and gardening I was interesting in learning about native plants of SW Florida.  There was a butterfly garden , an orchid garden, and several other themed areas of plants which made for a very interesting time.  The gardens are quiet large so we only saw half the gardens but hope to go back to see the "nature" section of the gardens another time.

Here are some photos I took while exploring.

 The sign say Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  That represents the three phases that this plant will go through in it's lifetime.  Green is Yesterday, purple is Today and the White is tomorrow

Lily pads

 Bromelade which is pronounced Bro-mir-a-lad
The colorful center is the plant growing more leaves

 Asian Gardens

 This garden was named after it's donor

Here are some of the animal sculptures we spotted during our visit.  These are just a small representation of the exhibition. We unfortunately missed many as they were hidden so well within the gardens.

The House of Lords which is some type of bird...maybe an egret or heron

Wild Instinct which is the Panther

Stella the Pig

It was a great day spent with friends and learning more about Florida.  I hope to go back to these gardens very soon.