Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Monday September 5th

The group that I ride with in Florida. Southwest Florida Cyclist ( So We Flo) decided to have a brunch ride.  What is a brunch ride?   Well.....we rode half way through the ride, had brunch at Flipper's restaurant, and rode back to the start.  For a group who is so driven all of the time with distance and speed, it was nice to kick back and have a more casual ride.  Maybe it's Florida's version of the " All Paces Ride."

There were 16 riders and 6 spouses or significant others who joined in the brunch festivities.  We were pretty much the only people in the restaurant at 8 AM but the place was full by the time we left around 9 AM.  The service was great with two smiling waitresses who served the entire group.   It's a hidden gem.  The view and conversations and relaxed pace of the ride made it one of the best rides I have done with this group.  Hopefully there will be more of these!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jeff's Thousand Island Trip

Wednesday August 3rd

Jeff Lippincott sponsored a joint camping/cycling trip through the Princeton Freewheeler's and the Appalachian Mountain Club which I was lucky enough to attend.  Most of you know that I don't camp....only at the Hyatt....so Al L found a small motel nearby the campsite and that took care of lodging....at least for us.

Al L and I headed up a day early to Chaumount, NY since my flight schedule dictated that I came in on Tuesday and the trip was scheduled to start on Thursday.  Jeff  was kind enough to allow me to stay at his house for a night until Al and Icould get ready to leave the next morning.   

We stayed at a small....so small that we couldn't even fit a second bike in the room....motel, the Duck Away, about a half hour from Long Point State Park where the other 17 people were camping.  They actually had the best campsites in the park with the best views and right next to the shore of Lake Ontario.  I would highly recommend this state park if you ever decide to go camping in that area of the Thousand Islands.


On Thursday morning Al and I rode out bikes to check out the area and to do some sightseeing.  Jeff had recommended that we head to Cape Vincent via Route 12E to visit Tibbett's Point Lighthouse.  It was well worth the trip. 

The original Tibbett's Point Lighthouse.  Enlarge the photo and read the history.  It is actually sitting in the parking lot of a general contractor's business on Rt 12E

 These scenic by way signs are all over Rt 12 E

This is the new Tibbett's Point lighthouse

A view of Lake Ontario from the lighthouse.  That's the ferry, in the distance,  that takes people and cars to Wolfe Island in Canada

You know this Princeton Freewheeler......

We decided to add some miles so we did some of the points on the island.  We did Point Salubrious and saw this relic.  Where is Jimmy Hendrix when you need him??

We also cycled Three Mile Bay before heading back to the motel.  We were meeting the group at the campground for more detailed information about the trip.

One of the tents.   It was nicknamed "The Taj Mahal"  

Andy and Heidi C had a large camper which was actually a motor home and provided breakfast for the group if they wanted each morning.   Coffee, OJ and cereal.....what could be better.

The sunset over Lake Ontario from one of the campsites.  Amazing!!!

On Friday the plan was to cycle to Cape Vincent to ride the ferry to Wolfe Island in Canada.  The far was US $3. 

The group waiting for the ferry

We had to go through customs on Wolfe Island in Canada before cycling 7 miles to the next ferry that would take us to Kingston, Ontario

Unfortunately we only had an hour in Kingston, Ontario so food was more important than photos so I didn't get a chance to take any photos while there.  We cycled back to the campground for a total of 54 miles.  We were all glad to get off the bike even though we had an awesome day getting to know the area better.

One of the sights we saw on Saturday when Al and I were cycling over to meet the group in Chaumount boat launch area.  

An Osprey nest

We cycled on Saturday to three different points.   The first was Three Mile Bay, the second was Point Salubrious and the last was Pillar Point.  Jeff had friends who live in Adams Cove on Pillar Point and who graciously provided the place for a picnic.

 An artist put this Object d' Art together on Pillar Point and I couldn't help but stop to take a photo.

 Someone else had other ideas of what to do with this Object d' Art!!

 Jeff's friends who provided their home and the grilling....and Bundy the dog.... to keep us fed and entertained

 Bundy was begging for food from one of the riders.  I think he convinced this rider to give up some food in the end

Their home in Adams Cove facing Lake Ontario.  Great location

 A bunch of well fed Freewheeler's / AMC folks relaxing on the porch.  What a life!!

Jeff worked very hard to put together a dinner at the Chez Heron Restaurant on Saturday evening.  The group met at the building next to the restaurant where group dinners are often catered by Chez Heron.

Al and I nicknamed the building  "The Mausoleum." 

I had to get back to NJ so that I could get my flight back to Florida so Al and I left Sunday morning.  Sunday was a rest day off the bike for those who stayed and some did a boat tour of Boldt Castle and some brought their kayaks and paddled on Lake Ontario.   Here is the link for more information about the castle

On Monday the group did a short ride and then headed to Clayton for lunch.  I was in NJ by that time and met up with Nevada to ride NJ roads through the Sourlands before heading home to Florida on Tuesday.
It was a great trip and I hope that Jeff will organize another trip to this beautiful area.   I highly recommend this trip if he decides to organize the trip again next year.  If you don't camp there is always the Duck Away Motel. Just be prepared to keep one bike in the car if you are sharing the room!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

My First Ride in July in Florida

Sunday July 3rd, 2016

Hard to believe I have been in Florida for almost two years and this is the first time I have rode in July.  Now I know why I stayed in NJ last summer....and rode a lot.  It's hot in Florida in July!
Today was the most brutally hot ride I have done so far while living in Florida.  At 7 AM it was already 79 degrees with a heat index in the 90's!  We had headwind going out, although not too bad, and headwind coming back which was strong and more than predicted by the weather people.  By the time I was done with the ride I was done period.  It's now evening and after resting today my legs still hurt.

There was a charity ride today for a 38 year old veterinarian who was struck by a car in Majorca, Spain and remains in a coma after a month.  The doctors there say she will eventually be ok and now that she is stable her family will have her medivac'd back to the states for further treatment.  The cost of the flight is $80,000 and the ride today....only 8 miles...was to raise money to pay for the flight. Even though I didn't do the charity ride I wanted to contribute to the cause.  there  I ran into one of the strong riders that I usually ride with on Saturday who also rode today, Sunday, and even he was beat from riding a regular group ride before this charity ride.  He came back to the start and didn't finish the charity ride.  It made me feel better that is was not just me.

I keep asking myself......why did I move to Florida?   I will be able to answer that question when the winter months arrive and there is snow in NJ!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Neuse River Greenway Trail

Sunday June 26th

On a beautiful North Carolina sunny afternoon my sister and I decided to ride mountain bikes on the Neuse River Greenway trail.  She has a mountain bike and I rented from  "The Bike Guy" bike shop that can be found at the greenway entrance on Old Falls of the Neuse Road

Here is the link in case you are in the area and want to rent a bike.


Some photos that I took of the shop

 The service was friendly and the cost reasonable for a half day or full day rental.   Since the trail is 27.5 miles long I decided to rent for a half day which was all the time the bike shop was open on Sunday ( 1-5 pm)

Here is some information on the Neuse River Greenway Trail


My sister took this shot of me and the rental bike

The rest of the photos are some sights I saw on this Sunday ride

 Some kayakers on the river.  This is a multi-sport area

 A view from the trail.  The trail often surrounds housing developments.

A couple and their dog enjoying a swim in the river to cool off.   You may have to enlarge the photo to see them.

I highly recommend you try this trail if you are in the Wake Forest, NC area.

On a separate note.....the first photo below is a ceramic frog that my sister made ( in a yellow polka dot bikini....with a large hanging bell.   Too cute!!

The photo above was made by my sister's neighbor.  Can you guess what it is made of??  The answer........

Potting Plants.....ingenious!  Amazing what artists can create!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Ride with the Cape Cod Cycling Club on Father's Day

June 19. 2016

It's always hard.....at least for me.....to ride with new groups who I don't know when I am traveling around the US.  Today we rode 33 miles....rolling hills for a good part of the way with a bit of headwind.....from East Falmouth to Woods Hole and back to the start.   It was a beautiful ride with 11 other smiling faces with some of the best weather and awesome scenery.  We rode rolling hills in the trees to the shoreline with an awesome view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Thanks to the group for being great hosts.

After the ride I drove to Dunkin Donuts......you can find them on most every corner here because Dunkin Donuts was started in Boston.   I had to take a photo of the sign in the store.

Any takers??

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Saturday June 18, 2016

After spending the morning in downtown Falmouth at the Arts Alive Festival, my friend's husband, Arthur, took me to Mass Maritime Academy for a tour of where he worked for over 40 years.

Mass Maritime is located in Buzzard's Bay, MA.  Here is a link to a bit more about the school


It was an interesting tour.  In fact, graduation for the class of 2016 was held today with Governor Charles Baker as the keynote speaker.  Here are some photos from my visit today

 One of the graduating classes gave this granite stone memorial which is engraved with the graduating  class that gave the memorial as a gift

 The new library building and deck bridge simulator which is located inside the building

Graduates who made chief engineer status

An area of study for students

 One of the labs.  This one contained a steam turbine engine that students used for study

This is a teaching ship located on campus.  Interesting that it's original name was "The Enterprise."  The name was changed to "Kennedy" in hopes of receiving more dontations for the school.   I wonder if it worked.

A railroad bridge, operated by the Army Corp of Engineers, that is moved into position when trains pass through the area.   It is easier to lower the bridge for trains than for ships that pass through the Cape Canal which runs underneath the bridge

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Shining Sea Bikeway Ride

Friday  6/17

I had planned to ride the Shining Sea Bikeway on Friday to test out the beater bike and to make sure I had enough in me for a ride on Sunday with the Cape Cod Cycling Club.  It was a successful ride so I will attempt to ride with the club on Sunday.

It was another nice surprise.  The rails to trails bikeway went through marshland, the Atlantic Ocean coastline and ended at the Steamship Authority parking lot where people park to take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  The trail goes in opposite directions and when all is said and done you can rack up almost 22 miles.   I added a little extra by visiting the lighthouse.  Here are the photos from another beautiful ride in the Cape.

 Nobska Lighthouse

 The house behind the lighthouse.


 In the distance you can see the Martha's Vineyard ferry bringing passengers back to the Steamship Authority parking lot in Woods Hole.

It was a great ride.  It got cold near when I was riding near the Atlantic Ocean portion of the trail. It apparently didn't bother another cyclist.  He decided to take a swim.  Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of him.  It makes me cold just thinking about that water temperature.  Bravery only goes so far and venturing out on the trail solo was all that I had in me for today!